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2021 Business Award Winners

On June 18, the Roane Chamber recognized outstanding businesses and individuals who were nominated by their peers to receive these respective awards. The event was held at The Barn at Maple Creek in Kingston and was the Roane Alliance’s first event combining both the Chamber Banquet and the Gala into one big celebration!


The Roane Chamber recognized these outstanding 2021 Business Award winners:

Ambassador of the Year winner is significantly involved in Chamber affairs and demonstrates outstanding performance and contributions, specifically to the Ambassador Team, to their business and to Roane County. “[she] never hesitates to give her time, energy and efforts to help the Ambassador team with giving back events, business events and so much more.” And she is especially popular just because of her sidekick Bodhi who comes along with her. The winner of the 2021 Ambassador of the Year is Taelor May with Michael Dunn Center.


The Paul E. Goldberg Young Professional Award goes to someone under 40 who demonstrates strong leadership skills and a love for Roane County. This person is very involved in the Chamber and has served as an Ambassador for many years.  She shows up at ribbon cuttings and networking events all across the county, and is the first to jump in to help.  Per her nomination, this person “is connected, dependable, hardworking and always thinking of creative giving-back projects!”  The winner of the 2021 Paul E. Goldberg Young Professional Award is Ashley Freeburg with Roane County Anti-Drug Coalition.


The Business of the Year significantly and positively affects economic progress in Roane County and surrounding area. And this year’s recipient has been doing just that since they opened their doors in 1970, more than 50 years ago.  Per their nomination, “[they] use every resource, advantage and opportunity to grow success within their students and their community, making Roane County a better place.” The 2021 Business of the Year is Tennessee College of Applied Technology, Harriman.


Woman of the Year should be significantly involved in business, professional, educational, community and civic or church affairs; demonstrate outstanding performance or unusual contribution to Roane County and to her business or community; and be highly respected in her field. This 2021 recipient’s nomination described her as “an inspiration for businesswomen in our community, involved in community outreach efforts, including the Boy Scouts; and a major chamber advocate and very successful realtor.” I think the only thing that will come as a surprise, is that she is just now being recognized, given her leadership and community involvement for so many years.  The 2021 Woman of the Year is Kathy May-Martin, Coldwell Banker Jim Henry & Associates.


The Paul Cowell Distinguished Service Award has been given out by the Roane Chamber since 1970, and is certainly the most prestigious of the awards. The winner should demonstrate outstanding performance or unusual contribution to Roane County and to their business or community. And this year’s winner certainly was all of that, demonstrating “leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic [that] saved countless lives and “made an immeasurable difference locally in the fight against this global pandemic!” This year’s Distinguished Service Award winner is Laura Conner, Director of the Roane County Health Department.


The Industry of the Year is recognized by the Industrial Development Board for outstanding leadership and positive economic development impact in Roane County and its surrounding area. This is another one that is long overdue and per the nomination, this company “has made countless contributions to Roane County and the Roane Alliance over the years. … “its leaders are so deserving of this recognition!”  In fact, a more recent contribution was the donation of a section of rail track to the city of Oak Ridge in support of the proposed Oak Ridge Airport.  They have also provided long-standing support to the Roane Alliance as board members and the Gala.  They are one of the Title Sponsors this year – please join us in congratulating EnergySolutions as the 2021 Industry of the Year.


2021 Laura Conner
2020 Marilyn Calfee
2019 Rick Cox
2018 Kathy Parks
2017 Barry Stephenson
2016 Russell Johnson
2015 Dr. Chris Whaley
2014 Sharon Templeton
2013 Paul Cowell
2012 Johnny Griffin
2011 Dr. Gary Goff
2010 Buddy Bowers
2009 Dana Peterka
2008 Gary Baker
2007 Jim Gann
2006 Jerry Duncan
2005 Tony Mason
2004 Dr. Jack Warner
2003 Dr. Julian Ahler
2002 Ken Yager
2001 H.G. "Sonny" Hunter, Jr.
2000 Tony Brown
1999 Jerry Stephens
1998 Steve Kirkham
1997 Larry Byrkit
1996 David Webb
1995 Hershel Freels
1994 William "Bill" Manly
1993 Sonny Harvey
1992 Dr. Paul Goldberg
1991 Russell Simmons
1990 Ken Gilliam
1989 Walter Burlington
1988 Frank Knies
1987 Citizens of Roane County
1986 James M. Henry
1985 Henry "Hank" Cooper
1984 Louise M. Greene
1983 Cuyler A. Dunbar
1982 Sam Browder
1981 Nick Drewry
1980 Gerald Hensley
1979 George Ed Wilson, Jr.
1978 Wilbert Rowe
1977 Maurice K. Williams
1976 O. W. McMinn, Harriman
Don Patterson, Kingston
Albert Baisley, Rockwood
1975 Ed Browder, Harriman
Paul Page, Kingston
Ralph Jean, Rockwood
1974 Dr. L. A. Killefer, Harriman
Sam O'Briant, Kingston
Russell Simmons, Sr., Rockwood
1973 Walter Pulliam, Harriman
C. E. Scott, Kingston
LeRoy Stansell, Rockwood
1972 Beulah Burns, Harriman
Earl Robinson, Kingston
Ferrel O'Quinn, Rockwood
1971 Walter Stone, Harriman
Bethel Poston, Kingston
Maurice Grief, Rockwood
1970 G. E. Edwards, Harriman
Ron Burney, Kingston
Don Edwards, Rockwood


2021 Ashley Freeburg
2020 Ben Briley
2019 Mark Patterson
2018 Rebecca Schwepfinger
2017 Eric Barger
2016 Honorable Terry Stevens
2015 Kim Nelson
2014 Jude Miller
2013 Brantley Rivers
2012 Wade Creswell
2011 Chris Ahler
2010 Chris Mason


2021 Tennessee College of Applied Technology, Harriman
2020 ORUD
2019 Earl Duff Subaru
2018 Humble Bee Flowers & Gifts
2017 Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.
2016 Toho America, Inc.
2015 Browder's Ace Hardware
2014 The Bridge at Rockwood
2013 Foust Family Fitness
2012 Coldwell Banker/Jim Henry
& Associates
2011 AGA Insurance Company
2010 Oak Ridge National Lab
2009 Patterson's Home Appliances
2008 Rocky Top General Store
2007 Roane State Community
2006 Roane Medical Center
2005 Whitestone Country Inn
2004 Griffin Insurance Agency
2003 Daniels, Uselton, & Clay
2002 Jerry Duncan Ford
2001 Rocky Top Markets
2000 Rosedale Florist
1999 Junior's Restaurant
1998 Austin's IGA Foodliner
1997 Kingston Chiropractic Center
1996 Gary Baker Electrical, Inc.
1995 Jon Loden's Auto Body
1994 Harriman Cablevision
1993 Dagger Canoe Company


2021 Kathy May-Martin
2020 Toni Haba
2019 Jill McMaster
2018 Becky Ruppe
2017 Glenda Johnson
2016 Marilyn Calfee
2015 Teresa Duncan
2014 Danice Turpin
2013 Gail Lyke


2012 Toni McGriff
2011 Lynne Spires
2010 Kathy Parks
2009 Penelope Uselton
2008 Joy Goldberg
2007 Judith Tyl
2006 Karin Cisson
2005 Una Coffman
2004 Diana Knobloch
2003 Teresa Kirkham
2002 Laura Overstreet
2001 Fran Puckett
2000 Kim Harris
1999 Regina Webster
1998 Beth Sublett
1997 Dr. Linda Hunter
1996 Dr. Sherry Hill
1995 Ann Cook
1994 Dr. Sherry Hoppe
1993 Sharon McKee
1992 Barbara Margiotta
1991 Eilene Harris
1990 Pat Hope
1989 Barbara Dietz


2021 Taelor May
2020 Nikki Adkisson
2019 Henry Redmond
2018 Tori May
2017 Matt Libby
2016 Christy McCormick
2015 Stephanie DeChaine

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